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We Are Learners is our motto. The workshops we offer are only one of the activities we carry on to reach our goal: making the software world a better one.

We love creating interactive and participative learning experiences, even remotely. Our workshops take place both in physical classrooms and online, in real-time and in live-streaming: the trainer(s) and all other participants are in the same room and on a video conference.

Thanks to a number of digital tools, we’re able to keep the highly hands-on and interactive nature of each workshop.

We want to learn the best ways to develop software, and we look for innovators and thought leaders for doing so. We look for world-class challenges, no limits to our horizon.

By creating unique learning occasions, with recognized masters in their own discipline and in the best available context, we aim to build and foster a community of professionals, learning together by sharing experiences, tips, ideas and information way beyond the duration of a single course.

We aim to be a growth engine, stimulating and promoting the spread of skills and disciplines, indispensable for companies growth and survival.



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