Free Events for the Community

Free Events for the Community

Remote Meetups, Small Talks and Panel discussions

A calendar of free online events: remote meetups, Small Talks, Panel Discussions. Join us through the live chat on YouTube or on LinkedIn to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn together.
We Are Learners, always!

Below you can find all of our events. The list is being updated on a regular basis.
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It is not a free event, but it is definitely a community event… check out DDD Open Space 2025, the first Italian unconference on Domain-Driven Design (4-5 February 2025, Verona).
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Live Streaming Events by Avanscoperta

Coming soon

16 July 2024

Small Talk – Writing OKRs

Past events

28 June 2024

Training from the BACK of the Room: Esperimenti ed esperienze

  • in Italian
  • with Marco Dussin, Anna Lombardi, Cristina De Toni, Giacomo De Luca, Giada Trovato and Valentina Vantaggiato
  • in Live Streaming on Youtube
  • in Live Streaming on LinkedIn

6 May 2024

OKR e future cones: come prevedere e gestire il futuro

  • in Italian
  • with Francesco Fullone and Matteo Cavucci
  • in Live Streaming on Youtube
  • in Live Streaming on LinkedIn

22 April 2024

Training from the BACK of the Room!

  • in English
  • with Jean-Paul Bayley and Marco Dussin
  • in Live Streaming on Youtube
  • in Live Streaming on LinkedIn

8 March 2024

Domain-driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing (Small Talk)

16 February 2024

Model-Driven Design (Small Talk)

12 February 2024

Effective Management – English edition (Small Talk)

10 January 2024

Value Proposition Strategy (Small Talk)

13 December 2023

La mia azienda è pronta per gli OKR?

16 November 2023

Residuality Theory (Small Talk)

27 October 2023

Product Owner Collaboration Toolkit (Small Talk)

26 June 2023

Effective Management (Small Talk)

30 May 2023

Software Crafting Programme (Small Talk)

22 May 2023

Domain modelling with state machines

19 May 2023

Intentional Architecture (Small Talk)

3 May 2023

Training from the BACK of the Room (Small Talk)

6 April 2023

Kill Aggregate! (An Evening With)

29 March 2023

Dynamic Product Roadmaps (Small Talk)

22 March 2023

OKR and Wardley Mapping (Small Talk)

9 March 2023

Designing and Implementing Aggregates

3 March 2023

The unFIX Model for Versatile Organizations (Small Talk)

13 February 2023

Modern Portfolio Management e OKR a confronto

30 September 2022

TypeScript e React (Small Talk)

14 September 2022

Microservices (Small Talk)

22 June 2022

Functional Programming – Small Talk

2 March 2022

Team Topologies e altri modelli organizzativi (Panel)

20 April 2022

Wardley Mapping – A panel

2 February 2022

OKR e Lean Value Tree a confronto

1 June 2022

TypeScript and React – Live coding

25 January 2022

Panel: Collaborative asynchronous communication

  • in English
  • with Woytek Ptak, Emanuela Damiani, Luca Sartoni and Alberto Brandolini
  • in Live Streaming on Youtube: https://youtu.be/9zrmmauQF3I

21 January 2022

Small Talk: Matteo Cavucci – Product Discovery with the Lean Value Tree

18 January 2022

Small Talk: Gojko Adzic – Specification By Example

24 November 2021

The unFIX Model for Versatile Organizations

10 November 2021

A gentle introduction to Microservices

3 November 2021

Extreme Contracts and Decision-making

22 October 2021

Small Talk: Scott Wlaschin – Functional Programming and DDD

20 October 2021

Building better domain models with functions

15 October 2021

Small Talk: Alberto Acerbis e Alessandro Colla – Event Sourcing, CQRS e Testing degli eventi

13 October 2021

Small Talk: Gojko Adzic – Impact Mapping

8 October 2021

Small Talk: Gaetano Mazzanti – Portfolio Management

24 September 2021

Small Talk: Marco Heimeshoff – DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing

17 September 2021

Small Talk: Francesco Fullone – OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

10 September 2021

Small Talk: Emanuele DelBono – Actor Model

23 June 2021

Introduzione all’Actor Model

26 May 2021

Facilitating Impact Mapping sessions

19 May 2021

OKR: Come e perché le grandi aziende dell’IT li usano

13 May 2021

Functional Programming

21 April 2021

Lean Validation Playbook

9 April 2021

A chat with the author: Decision-making with Francesco Strazzullo (part 4)

7 April 2021

EventStorming: Redesigning everything

19 March 2021

A chat with the author: Decision-making with Francesco Strazzullo (part 3)

17 March 2021

Team Topologies

24 February 2021

What is Training from the BACK of the Room all about?

19 February 2021

A chat with the author: Decision-making with Francesco Strazzullo (part 2)

5 February 2021

A chat with the author: Decision-making with Francesco Strazzullo (part 1)

16 December 2020

Avanscoperta Xmas Quiz

11 November 2020

What’s next? How to prioritize according to the cost of delay

28 October 2020

The importance of Feedback

29 September 2020

Facilitating Online Agile Retrospectives

22 September 2020

Agile stories from the trenches

6 July 2020

Mapping the future of events post-COVID

30 June 2020

Ask Me Anything with Matteo Cavucci: Product Discovery e Lean Value Tree

16 June 2020

The Power of Mob Programming

14 May 2020

Extreme Contracts: Guadagnare di più, lavorando come ci piace

5 May 2020

Facing new challenges, as professionals consultants and mentors

29 April 2020

Domain Modeling Made Functional

15 April 2020

Inside Bounded Contexts

7 April 2020

Remote working: come lavorare da casa ed essere felice

2 April 2020

Come scegliere il tuo prossimo stack tecnologico

24 March 2020

Come testare il comportamento del dominio

16 March 2020

Smart Working / Remote Working: cosa abbiamo imparato facendolo

  • in Italian
  • with Alberto Brandolini, Matteo Cavucci, Matteo Collina, Emanuela Damiani, Emanuele DelBono, and Gianluca Padovani
  • in Live Streaming on Youtube: https://youtu.be/MrJoDoQ5xEg

3 March 2020

Modern Portfolio Management

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