Jenny Martin

Short biography:

Jenny Martin is an independent trainer and facilitator in collaborative agile and
product development techniques and behaviours of high-performing teams.
Jenny is motivated by seeing teams and individuals flourish – when their
collective intelligence and diverse experience come together to achieve
awesome things, and when their individual strengths can shine.

Jenny is passionate about inclusivity and fascinated by all kinds of brains.
She delivers immersive and playful learning experiences and workshops
which are designed to help everyone contribute to their fullest and have fun.
She is a massive fan of LEGO® Serious Play, and into anything to do with
positive psychology, flourishing and personality science.
Jenny is active in the Agile community as an expert in team collaboration and
effectiveness and a regular speaker at events across Europe.



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Small Talk: an informal chat with Jenny Martin (YouTubeSpotify).


Scheduled classes: