Francesco Fullone

Short biography:

Francesco is a business designer, a mentor and an investor in tech companies focused on sustainability or social impact.
He helps companies (at any stage) to better define their business models by creating validation tools and he helps them define and pursue their objectives.

Fullo founded Apropos, a company helping communities, companies and local groups organise their events and workshops. He’s an active contributor of Apropos. If you’ve ever participated in an international conference on web technologies in Italy, you might have seen him in quality of speaker, organiser or participant.

Francesco is the founder of companies such as Digitiamo (creators of digital products related to NLP and AI), and Carma (working on the next food-related technologies). He’s also founded Ideato, of which he’s been part of for over 10 years, creating an innovative qualitative milestone for Italian software factories.

Lastly, Francesco is the president of GrUSP, a no-profit company aimed at encouraging best practices within web development since 2002.

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