EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop

EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop

Discover three different styles of EventStorming

Online Workshop in Live Streaming with Alberto Brandolini: 7 – 8 – 9 July 2020, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm (CEST) each day.

What used to be an immersive in-person experience of collaborative modelling would not be viable for a while. However, the need for a collaborative approach to envisioning and designing new services and processes is stronger than ever.

This EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop with Alberto Brandolini will lead you through three different styles of EventStorming performed remotely, we’ll practice and discuss different styles of facilitation on business-class scenarios, in large and small teams.


The workshop is divided into three half-day modules, each one focused on a specific format.

Day 1

Exploring the whole with Big Picture EventStorming will help you lead and design exploratory workshops where multiple stakeholders and points of view are represented.

Day 2

Collaborative design can be challenging when different professionals are involved, with Process Modelling EventStorming we will establish an inclusive pattern of collaboration between specialists coming from different fields like technology, business or user experience design.

Day 3

Designing critical software poses software specific challenges: how to design complex flows keeping the balance between good user experience and consistent responsibility-driven implementation? Software Design EventStorming connects all the dots to help you design the best software for your more critical processes.

Target audience

This training program of this EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop is aimed at software practitioners, workshop facilitators, and explorers that want to practice EventStorming on the field…

Learning Objectives

  • Practice the three main EventStorming recipes in an online format, on real-world problems.
  • Experience and discuss the benefits and limitations of an online-only approach.
  • Design and lead your next online workshop.
  • Build a set of working practices for online workshops and avoid common pitfalls.

Online Workshop – How does it work

Learning works better in an immersive and engaging setting, and we’ve been working hard to recreate that feeling also in an online delivery format. We’ll use a virtual classroom as a container for every activity and training material, and we’ll share emergent findings more or less as we’d post flip-chart summaries on the wall.

You’ll be interacting and working together in real-time thanks to a variety of tools you’ll have at your disposal, namely a collaborative online modelling platform, a virtual classroom, a virtual flip-chart and of course a video-conference platform.

A good learning experience doesn’t match with passive fruition. Just like the in-person version of the workshop, expect to be challenged with real-world problems, and to be ready to listen to your brain signals while doing it.

Part of the content will be available upfront, part will be created collectively as long as we dig into the exercises. Every bit of created content will be available to the students after the workshop is over, in the virtual classroom link.

The workshop will keep its highly interactive and hands-on spirit despite being online.
This is why we require that all participants keep their webcam on for the whole duration of the workshop: this will enhance the quality of the communication and of the workshop as a whole.


Q: Do I need to know something beforehand in order to participate in this workshop?
We expect some participants to have practiced in-person EventStorming formats already, and others to be completely fresh. We also expect this mix to improve the overall experience.

Q: Is this workshop replacing the EventStorming Master Class?
No, the Master Class is ‘suspended’ until in-person workshops could be legally and effectively delivered. Some basic principles are obviously the same, others will need to be completely redesigned according to the digital experience. We are losing something in the transformation: what happens in terms of people dynamics, body language, and so on cannot be conveyed by an online class.

This class is designed to help you facilitate and design online workshops. IRL workshops will still be a different matter.

Q: Is there anything I must do before I buy a ticket for this online workshop?
If you have a good internet connection (at least 20 MB download speed), headphones, mic, and camera, then you can join the training.
A double screen and a good seat will improve your learning experience.
A couple of weeks before the training, we’ll send you all the information on the tools we’ll be using, and how to access them.

The workshop will keep its highly interactive and hands-on spirit despite being online.
This is why we require that all participants keep their webcam on for the whole duration of the workshop: this will enhance the quality of the communication and of the workshop as a whole.

Please check your connection: Speed Test.


This workshop will be confirmed upon reaching the minimum number of participants. We’ll send an official confirmation to all registered attendees two weeks prior to the workshop dates at the latest.

About the workshop

Language: English.
Dates and Timing: The workshop will take place online and in live streaming on 7th – 8th – 9th July 2020, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm each day (CEST).
Laptop: Yes, check out the FAQ section.
Number of attendees: max 16 participants.
Tools and Workstation: The workshop will take place online and in live streaming using digital tools. You’ll get detailed information on how to join the online workshop, how to get ready for it, and how it will work a couple of weeks prior to the workshop.

How our tickets work


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Alberto Brandolini

EventStorming Creatorauthor of Introducing EventStorming - An act of deliberate collective learning and Founder of Avanscoperta, Alberto Brandolini is an all-round consultant in the Information Technology field.

Asserting that problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that originated them, Alberto switches perspective frequently assuming the architect, mentor, coach, manager or developer point of view.

Articles & Blog posts

Remote EventStorming e EventStorming in COVID-19 times: two blog posts to explore the topic of “Remote EventStorming”.

Here you can find the first blog post where Alberto, back in 2013, introduced EventStorming for the first time ever.

Read the interview with Alberto Brandolini on our blog: From ziobrando to EventStorming.

Podcast: Len Epp from Leanpub interviews Alberto Brandolini in his Frontmatter podcast.

Here’s a blog post from Francesco Grotta, who attended Alberto’s EventStorming Master Class in Milan in February 2019: You write EventStorming, I call it Hurricane.



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