Domain Modeling Made Functional Workshop

Domain Modeling Made Functional Workshop

Domain-Driven Design meets Functional Programming

Functional programming and domain-driven design might not seem to be a good match, but in fact functional programming can be an excellent approach to designing decoupled, reusable systems with a rich domain model. This workshop will show you why.

This is a hands-on workshop by Scott Wlaschin, author of the book “Domain Modeling Made Functional”, and it’s designed for beginners in functional programming.
You’ll do lots of domain modeling exercises starting with some simple models and then enhancing them with constraints, state machines, error handling, commands and events, and so on.

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at software developers and it will be especially useful if you are learning functional programming – all concepts used in the workshop will be explained.
Previous development experience is recommended.
No prior knowledge of functional programming required.


  • Introduction to functional programming
  • Functions and types
  • Composition as the fundamental principle
  • Overview of DDD principles
  • The importance of bounded contexts
  • Persistence ignorance
  • Onion/Hexagonal architecture and how this works with functional programming
  • Modeling requirements with algebraic types
  • Records, choices, and functions
  • Modeling constraints
  • Modeling states
  • Programming a workflow
  • Keeping IO at the edges
  • Handling domain errors
  • Composing complex functions
  • Evolving the domain
  • Dealing with changes in requirements

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to build working solutions with rich domain models, using only functional programming techniques.

Join this workshop by Scott Wlaschin and learn:

  • The concepts of functional programming
  • How to represent the nouns and verbs of a domain using types and functions
  • How to decouple the pure domain logic from the outside world
  • How to ensure that constraints and business rules are captured in the design
  • How to represent state transitions in the domain model
  • How to build a business workflow from smaller components
  • How to handle errors as part of the domain.

Online Workshop – How does it work

The workshop will happen online and in live streaming: the trainer and all other participants will be in a video conference. You’ll be interacting and working together in real-time thanks to a variety of tools you’ll have at your disposal.

The workshop will keep its highly interactive and hands-on spirit despite being online.
This is why we require that all participants keep their webcam on for the whole duration of the workshop: this will enhance the quality of the communication and of the workshop as a whole.
You won’t be sitting at your desk watching slides and videos, and you’ll be engaged in real-time activities for the majority of the time… as if we were in a real classroom!


Do I need to know something beforehand in order to participate in this workshop?
We will be using F# as our development language. No experience with F# needed.

Is there anything I must do before I buy a ticket for this online workshop?
If you have a computer/tablet, a stable connection (at least 20 MB in download), earphones, a microphone, and a webcam, then you’re ready to join the workshop.
You’ll get detailed information on what tools we’ll be using and how to get ready a couple of weeks prior to the workshop.
Check out your connection’s speed.
The workshop will keep its highly interactive and hands-on spirit despite being online. This is why we require that all participants keep their webcam on for the whole duration of the workshop: this will enhance the quality of the communication and of the workshop as a whole.


This workshop will be confirmed upon reaching the minimum number of participants. We’ll send an official confirmation to all registered attendees two weeks prior to the workshop dates at the latest.

About the workshop

Language: English.
Laptop: Yes, check out the FAQ section.
Maximum number of attendees: 16 participants.
Tools and Workstation: The workshop will take place online and in live streaming by using digital tools. You’ll get detailed information on how to join the online workshop, how to get ready for it and how it will work a couple of weeks prior to the workshop.


This workshop made my software engineering world a lot simpler and easy to live in.Chandra Koduru

Great overall experience. The main focus is thinking more in a functional way. This will lead you to better develop your domain model. You’ll learn the Functional Programming basics and you’ll briefly see some advanced features of the functional toolbox.Cosimo Matteini

I loved it! It gave me a new toolset and new mindset to approach problems, even in domains I’m not familiar with.Ivan Morgillo

A great way to get learn many concepts both in the Domain-Driven Design and in the Functional Programming contexts.Emanuele Colombo

Scott Wlaschin

Scott Wlaschin is a developer, architect, and author. He is the author of the popular F# website fsharpforfunandprofit.com, and the book Domain Modeling Made Functional, published by Pragmatic Bookshelf.

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