EventStorming Master Class

EventStorming Master Class

Putting business, software, and user experience experts on the same page!

The EventStorming Master Class is currently suspended.
Check out the new courses in live streaming by Alberto Brandolini: EventStorming Remote Modelling workshop (4 half-day sessions) and Domain-driven Design Executive View Training (one 3-hour session).

EventStorming is a workshop format invented by Alberto Brandolini that enables massive learning on complex business domains and promotes collaboration between different disciplines and across teams.

A visually effective problem-solving technique that puts everyone on the same page, EventStorming was greatly defined by Dan North: “In any EventStorming session of all different kinds, everyone knows what everyone else knows“.

Target Audience

EventStorming is interdisciplinary. The specialistic notation is dropped in favour of an incremental lo-fi approach that allows an inclusive approach, while driving the exploration towards the most sensitive areas. Every participant will actively contribute.


Day 1 – EventStorming as a discovery tool

  • Quick kick-off: where we are and where we want to go
  • Real world Big Picture EventStorming, mastering complexity and unknowns in large-scale modelling
  • Managing conflicts, highlighting risk, and the problems really worth solving
  • The facilitator’s toolbox revealed
  • Improving our process exploring motivations of different actors
  • The Change agent’s perspective: why it’s going to be hard even when improvement is obvious, and how to deal with stalemates
  • Everything’s connected: Lean & Kanban, complexity and organization limits
  • Working with startups vs. working with established companies
  • EventStorming as a platform for problem-solving
  • ModelStorming: modelling everything without a clue (and yet deliver amazing insights).

Day 2 – Using EventStorming to design a system

  • Emerging System Boundaries: from EventStorming to Bounded Contexts
  • Process Modelling EventStorming: a cross-discipline platform for collaborative modelling
  • A different perspective on software design: the picture that explains everything
  • Making policies explicit. Discovering the hidden truth in business behaviour
  • Design around Value: hidden and explicit motivators
  • Software Design EventStorming: discovering key software components
  • Aggregates and transactional consistency: independent moving parts in a large system
  • Design around the bottleneck: changing the rules of the game
  • Blending User Experience Design and Service Design into Software Design
  • Triggering bullet-proof design with visible state
  • The transaction illusion
  • From sticky notes to working software. When to go for a sophisticated architecture.

What you will learn

In this two-day EventStorming Master Class with Alberto Brandolini, we’ll practice three different flavours (Big Picture, Process Modelling and Software Design), applied to real-world business problems.

We’ll take into account the different perspectives (including the facilitator) in a process that spans large-scale discovery, to leverage collaborative design.

We’ll experience the how, and we’ll discuss the why.


Tools & Laptop: Do I need my laptop?
No, you won’t need your laptop to attend this workshop.


The Master Class will be confirmed upon reaching a minimum number of participants. All registered participants will be notified by email no later than one month prior to the workshop date.

About the workshop

Language: English.
Time: from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm each day.
Laptop: Check out the FAQ section.
Max number of participants: 16 people.
Dress code: Informal. This is a highly interactive workshop where you’ll be engaging with Alberto Brandolini and other attendees for the majority of the time.
We also recommend you wear comfortable shoes, standing time VS sitting time is in favour of the first one! :-)
Included in the price: Two coffee breaks and lunch with the trainer and the other attendees are also included in this ticket… because networking matters :-)


Alberto Brandolini’s EventStorming has been included in the Techniques quadrant of the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar 2018 as one of the techniques you should “Adopt“!

It’s a de-facto standard in the Domain-Driven Design community for exploring and designing complex interactions.

A wide range of organisations has benefited from it: from online marketplaces, to financial and trading institution; from small startups to large scale enterprises… and anything in between!
It’s no wonder EventStorming can be used in all types of business scenarios!

Read what people are saying about EventStorming:

Alberto and the Avanscoperta team: you created a fantastic training experience during “EventStorming Master Class”!
I felt already welcome at the time of booking the ticket, then experienced a training that was packed with knowledge and practical experience, and later received a wonderfully complete aftermath email with lots of stuff I can use to make my event storming sessions a success.
Thanks a lot!Matthias Bohlen – Software Consultant

If you are in the business of helping organisations understand how they really work, Event Storming is an essential tool to have in your kit bag.
Deceptively simple, EventStorming is a great way to illustrate both the human and system interactions of a business in all their idiosyncratic tendenciesChris Moore

Event Storming is a fantastic technique for eliciting information from the entire team and enabling a shared understanding.Claire Montgomery

The EventStorming Master Class in Milan was a brilliant two-day workshop packed with knowledge. Not only did I get the method itself through hands-on practice but also a lot of little hints and tricks on how to react to participants’ body language and general behaviour. I learnt lots.Elke Bethke

Alberto Brandolini

EventStorming Creatorauthor of Introducing EventStorming - An act of deliberate collective learning and Founder of Avanscoperta, Alberto Brandolini is an all-around consultant in the Information Technology field.

Asserting that problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that originated them, Alberto switches perspective frequently assuming the architect, mentor, coach, manager or developer point of view.

Learn more


Read the interview with Alberto Brandolini on our blog: from ziobrando to EventStorming!

Introducing EventStorming: the very first post (2013) where Alberto explicitly talks about EventStorming.

Check out the blog post from Zsofia Herendi, founder of the DDD Practitioners community of Budapest, who attended our 2-day Master Class in Milan in March 2018: The 12 meter: where sailboats and EventStorm Walls meet.

Here’s a blog post from Francesco Grotta, who attended Alberto’s EventStorming Master Class in Milan in February 2019: You write EventStorming, I call it Hurricane.



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