EventStorming Master Class

EventStorming Master Class

Come developer, business e UX experts diventano tutti writers di un unico murales!

—>>> The Berlin edition of the EventStorming Master Class will take place on 2-3 December 2024. Tickets and info.

If you’re looking for the online workshops, please check out the courses in live streaming by Alberto Brandolini: EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop (4 half-day sessions) and Domain-Driven Design Executive View Training (one 3-hour session).


EventStorming is a workshop format invented by Alberto Brandolini that enables massive learning on complex business domains and promotes collaboration between different disciplines and across teams.

A visually effective problem-solving technique that puts everyone on the same page, EventStorming was greatly defined by Dan North: “In any EventStorming session of all different kinds, everyone knows what everyone else knows“.

Target audience

EventStorming is interdisciplinary. The specialistic notation is dropped in favour of an incremental lo-fi approach that allows an inclusive approach while driving the exploration towards the most sensitive areas. Every participant will actively contribute.


Day 1 – EventStorming as a discovery tool

  • Quick kick-off: where we are and where we want to go
  • Real-world Big Picture EventStorming, mastering complexity and unknowns in large-scale modelling
  • Managing conflicts, highlighting risk, and the problems really worth solving
  • The facilitator’s toolbox revealed
  • Improving our process exploring motivations of different actors
  • The Change agent’s perspective: why it’s going to be hard even when improvement is obvious, and how to deal with stalemates
  • Everything’s connected: Lean & Kanban, complexity and organization limits
  • Working with startups vs. working with established companies
  • EventStorming as a platform for problem-solving
  • ModelStorming: modelling everything without a clue (and yet delivering amazing insights).

Day 2 – Using EventStorming to design a system

  • Emerging System Boundaries: from EventStorming to Bounded Contexts
  • Process Modelling EventStorming: a cross-discipline platform for collaborative modelling
  • A different perspective on software design: the picture that explains everything
  • Making policies explicit. Discovering the hidden truth in business behaviour
  • Design around Value: hidden and explicit motivators
  • Software Design EventStorming: discovering key software components
  • Aggregates and transactional consistency: independent moving parts in a large system
  • Design around the bottleneck: changing the rules of the game
  • Blending User Experience Design and Service Design into Software Design
  • Triggering bullet-proof design with visible state
  • The transaction illusion
  • From sticky notes to working software. When to go for sophisticated architecture.

What you will learn

In this two-day EventStorming Master Class with Alberto Brandolini, we’ll practice three different flavours (Big Picture, Process Modelling and Software Design), applied to real-world business problems.

We’ll take into account the different perspectives (including the facilitator) in a process that spans large-scale discovery, to leverage collaborative design.

We’ll experience the how, and we’ll discuss the why.


Is the EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop a comparable alternative?
Not exactly: Big Picture dynamics and principles are really different when happening in-person vs remotely, and there’s no way to have participants feel one type of the experience if you are in the other container. The Big picture is also less effective when played remotely.
The EventStorming Remote Modelling is designed to help you facilitate and design online workshops, whereas the EventStorming Master Class is aimed at teaching you how to facilitate an in-person EventStorming session.
So the answer is: no, the EventStorming Master Class and the EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop are two different things.

Entry-level: Is there anything I need to know before joining this Master Class?
No prior experience with EventStorming is required. However, you’re welcome to check out the EventStorming Website.

Tools & Laptop: Do I need my laptop?
You won’t need a laptop in order to join this Master Class. In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll be engaging with Alberto Brandolini and other attendees for the majority of the time. We’ll also spend a lot of time standing and walking around, remember to wear some comfortable shoes.

Learning materials: Will there be anything to take away with me after the Master Class is over?
Yes, there will be some booklets and other learning materials for you to take home.


La Master Class sarà confermata al raggiungimento del numero minimo di partecipanti. Invieremo una comunicazione con la conferma del corso agli iscritti non più tardi di 28 giorni prima della Master Class.

Info pratiche sul corso

Venue: Luiss Hub, Via Massimo d’Azeglio, 3, 20154, Milano
Lingua: inglese.
Orari: dalle 9.30 alle 17.30 ciascun giorno.
Laptop: Leggi la sezione dedicata nelle F.A.Q. qui sopra.
Dress code: Informale. Inoltre si raccomanda di indossare scarpe comode perché quasi tutte le attività avverranno stando in piedi.
Compreso nel prezzo: Nel prezzo del biglietto sono compresi i coffee break e i pranzi insieme al docente e agli altri corsisti. Perché anche il networking è importante! :)

Porta il corso in azienda

Contattaci utilizzando il form in fondo alla pagina per chiedere informazioni sull’erogazione in forma privata e personalizzabile di EventStorming Master Class.

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Under_Cover_LearnerSCONTO 20%

Se ti stai iscrivendo al corso a titolo personale e non hai la Partita IVA, c’è una tariffa speciale per te: uno sconto del 20% sul prezzo corrente del biglietto, che potrai ottenere inserendo il codice Under_Cover_Learner su Eventbrite qui sopra, dove trovi "Enter promo code" (prima di premere il tasto "checkout").

N.B.: Il codice non può essere utilizzato con nessun’altra offerta, ed è valido su tutti i tipi di biglietto.


Also thanks to its inclusion in ThoughtWorks’ 2018 radar in the “Adopt” techniques, EventStorming became the de-facto standard in the Domain-Driven Design community for exploring and designing complex interactions.

A wide range of organisations has benefited from it: from online marketplaces to financial and trading institutions; from small startups to large-scale enterprises… and anything in between!
It’s no wonder EventStorming can be used in all types of business scenarios!

Read what people are saying about EventStorming:

It was a great experience to learn from Alberto, and to share the learning experience with the other attendees. The group was just the right size for this type of hands-on workshop. We could all get to know each other and benefit from each others perspectives and views. Alberto succeeds in creating an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable to try without reservations, and learn from first making mistakes.Sara Van Der Bruggen

I am impressed by the in-depths and broad knowledge shared throughout the class. The created space and people provided an ideal learning environment that provided guidance.Mario Völker

I would highly recommend the EventStorming Masterclass to everyone willing to take a step further in being able to tackle challenging business and software design situations.Dmitry Ledentsov

Very useful Master Class when you want to get more out of the business you are working for with different hands-on tips.Kristof Serraes

Very insightful Master Class, my only regret is not taking it sooner!Jean Reis

A great class, EventStorming is a powerful methodology and Alberto is a valuable trainer sharing his experience and keeping a good vibe in the class.Guido Martini

I simply loved it. EventStorming is filling so many gaps in my daily business.Marc Lilienthal

Anyone involved in Digital Product Development should attend the EventStorming Master Class!Alex Jäger

Just before the pandemic started, I got to know EventStorming through the world of Domain-Driven Design. I immediately realized that this is a very interesting way to get to know a domain, processes or even the functioning of a company. 

Unfortunately, at that time there was corona and social contacts were forbidden. I did study the matter further, but studying a book is still not the same as a workshop with like-minded people. So this training was very high on my list. Learning and experiencing how different people deal with this technique is fascinating to me. The little tips and tricks that you learn from an event like this are invaluable.

Jurgen Stillaert

Alberto and the Avanscoperta team: you created a fantastic training experience during “EventStorming Master Class”!
I felt already welcome at the time of booking the ticket, then experienced a training that was packed with knowledge and practical experience, and later received a wonderfully complete aftermath email with lots of stuff I can use to make my event storming sessions a success.
Thanks a lot!Matthias Bohlen – Software Consultant

If you are in the business of helping organisations understand how they really work, Event Storming is an essential tool to have in your kit bag.
Deceptively simple, EventStorming is a great way to illustrate both the human and system interactions of a business in all their idiosyncratic tendenciesChris Moore

Event Storming is a fantastic technique for eliciting information from the entire team and enabling a shared understanding.Claire Montgomery

The EventStorming Master Class in Milan was a brilliant two-day workshop packed with knowledge. Not only did I get the method itself through hands-on practice but also a lot of little hints and tricks on how to react to participants’ body language and general behaviour. I learnt lots.Elke Bethke

EvenStorming è uno strumento “4 in 1” utile per modellare dalla Big Picture agli Aggregati, passando per Processi e Valore.
La Master Class è il posto perfetto se vuoi realmente capire tutte le sue potenzialità e come sfruttarlo al massimo per fare luce sul tuo dominio.Matteo Baglini

Alberto Brandolini

Conosciuto come ziobrando, Alberto Brandolini è un consulente a 360° nell'ambito dell'Information Technology. CEO Avanscoperta, inventore di EventStorming e autore di Introducing EventStorming - An act of deliberate collective learning.

Convinto che i problemi non si possano risolvere con lo stesso approccio che li ha creati, cambia continuamente prospettiva indossando i panni dell'architetto, del docente, del coach, del manager, del system thinker o dello sviluppatore.


La nostra intervista ad Alberto Brandolini: from ziobrando to EventStorming

Introducing EventStorming: il primo post (2013) in cui Alberto parla esplicitamente di EventStorming.

Collaborative Process Modelling with EventStorming

Remote EventStormingEventStorming in COVID-19 Times: per approfindire il tema di EventStorming in un contesto remoto.

Articoli scritti dai partecipanti alla Master Class

Blog post di Francesco Grotta, che ha partecipato alla Master Class di febbraio 2019 di Milano: You write EventStorming, I call it Hurricane.

Articolo scritto da Zsofia Herendi, fondatrice di DDD Practitioners community of Budapest, che ha partecipato alla Master Class di Milano di marzo 2018: The 12 meter: where sailboats and EventStorm Walls meet.


Extreme Modelling Patterns: DDD Europe 2023

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No, you don’t need to access my data: DDD Europe 2021

Remote EventStorming – Redesigning Everything (Avanscoperta Meetup)

Scoprire i confini con EventStorming (in italiano)

Frontmatter: Len Epp (LeanPub) intervista Alberto Brandolini

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Event Storming by Alberto Brandolini: Wrocloverb 2015

Chi siamo, in breve :)

Avanscoperta è un ecosistema in espansione fatto di professionisti con una grande passione per l’apprendimento: ci piace imparare cose nuove e scambiare esperienze e idee, esplorando territori finora inesplorati in ambito software, nella sua accezione più ampia possibile.

Selezioniamo con attenzione gli argomenti più rilevanti e i migliori docenti da tutto il mondo, e diamo particolare importanza alle tecniche di insegnamento, preferendo approcci pratici e coinvolgenti.
Unisciti a noi!

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