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We learnt that there are better ways to develop software and to manage work and companies, also in a remote scenario.

We discovered and recovered crucial skills and knowledges, to build top quality products, appreciated by users and crafted with pride by serious and enthusiastic professionals.

We’ve seen revolutionary companies succeed, and ways to collaborate and deliver better results in shorter times.

We’ve met pioneers, innovators and leaders. We embraced, experimented shared and discussed their and our ideas.

We explored disciplines and fields that looked far away, but that turned out being surprisingly close.

We discovered new ways to teach, to learn and to share knowledge. We’ve applied this learning to the new fully-remote scenario.

In the last ten years, we’ve learnt a lot of things. Both online and in-real-life.

We could have done the same in five years. If only we knew how.

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Putting ideas into practice

A team, or a department, involved in software development is a complex ecosystem, whose behavior is the outcome of decisions at the technology, organization or general context level. Our experience and a system-leve perspective tell us that a combination of different expertises lead to more effective and durable solutions, while local solutions fail to achieve long lasting results.

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