Strategic Domain-Driven Design Workshop

Tackling domain complexity in the enterprise

We can deliver this workshop for your team – remote only for the time being. Write us an email at [email protected] for more info.
Check out the next public workshops by Alberto Brandolini, delivered online and in live-streaming: EventStorming Remote Modelling workshop (4 half-day sessions) and Domain-driven Design Executive View Training (one half-day session).

Improve learning and everything else will follow

Software development is a learning process, working code is a side effect. If that’s true… how can we maximize learning?

Domain-Driven Design is an approach targeting complex domains, so it needs different tools, different mindset and a see-the-whole approach which is missing in most software development approaches.

During the class we’ll fill the gap between the business strategy and the architecture portfolio management and lay down a groundbreaking strategy for quick implementation in very complex domains.

You’ll learn:

  • How to discover business complexity at warp speed with EventStorming
  • How to discover context-dependent hotspot and viability constraints with Context Mapping
  • How to model complex business process to streamline your organizations flow
  • How to implement your models with best-of-breed available software architectures

Available also as a private onsite training.


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