Lean Value Tree Workshop

From Ideas to a Value-Driven Product Roadmap

Ideas are never a problem.
Everyone working in an organization has multiple thoughts on how to improve the management, the process, or the product itself. But not all the ideas are the same. Some reveal unexpected complications and dependencies.
Some others may create opportunities only for specific customers while generating backlash from others.

How can we move through many insights and transform them into an actionable strategy?

The Lean Value Tree is a visual tool that makes it easy to get from ideas to a value-driven product roadmap.

It allows leaders and teams to structure and manage options for change according to a leading vision.
It offers an effective way to share and analyze desired outcomes, examine risks and opportunities, and continuously redefine what is needed. It’s based on the idea of prioritization by expected impacts (and not actions) and introduces optionality as an element of planning.

As a tree-shaped artifact, everything stems from a clear vision of the future product.
Each aspect of the tree contributes to the accomplishment of the leading vision through experiments directed to assess behavioral change.
Multiple Goals, Bets, and Initiatives create a strategy based on testing, where failure can happen and drive new attempts.

lean value tree goals

Possible outcomes:

  • Outcome-based strategy to explore new business ideas
  • Quickly discovering opportunities and risks through early validation
  • Actionable insights and clear direction
  • Experiment prioritization and investments management
  • Allocation of people and resources
  • A continuous learning path
  • Team autonomy and global alignment toward a common goal.


Some examples of exploration templates:

exploration templates lean value tree 1exploration templates lean value tree 2



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