Lean Value Tree Workshop

Lean Value Tree Workshop

From Ideas to a Value-Driven Product Roadmap

When a project starts, or when the time comes to re-think an existing one, there are endless possibilities. Still, in a lot of development teams the exploration of problems and solutions is quickly archived as “done” as the most obvious option is given priority, or as everyone tends to agree on the boss’ opinion.

During this 2-day “Product Discovery with the Lean Value Tree” workshop with Matteo Cavucci we’ll discover how you can organise the Product Discovery activities in an agile and pragmatic way, by creating alignment and clarity on the objectives to be achieved. All this without limitations to the team’s autonomy and without closing the doors to innovation and continuous improvement.

Thanks to the Lean Value Tree instruments and a lean inception approach, we’ll explore how to gain consensus on what MVPs have to be created and how to kick-off an agile project… the right way.

Target Audience

  • Managers who are in charge of the creation of a new product or of the evolution of an existing one
  • Project managers who need to create clarity and transparency for their teams
  • UX professionals who are trapped in frustrating and meaningless chains of tasks
  • Software developers who work on assembly lines
  • Digital specialists who are not involved in strategic decision-making
  • Creative agencies looking for an effective way to define their clients’ objectives.


During the workshop we’ll explore a different approach when it comes to kicking off the production of a digital product, putting value for the client at the centre of the process, with the aim of creating interactions and services which are useful and appreciated by the users.

We’ll be deep diving in the application of the agile approach on planning, and we’ll be getting our hands dirty with the tools that were created and used in challenging environments (from startups to big-scale enterprises).

We’ll focus on the principles behind the Lean approach to Product Discovery and Project Inception, working all together with other participants.
Thanks to the Lean Value Tree model, we’ll be able to create a Product Strategy with clear and defined objectives which are able to adapt and respond to change.


Day 1 – Discovery

  • How to make different points of view and knowledge emerge in a collaborative environment
  • How to explore the product idea in the service ecosystem by identifying users, interactions, and touch points
  • How to identify ideas and opportunities in the right context
  • How to evaluate a project at its initial stages in order to share opinions and ideas with others.

Day 2 – Ideation

  • How to create a Leading Vision (to be followed all along) for the product
  • How to identify the goals starting from the opportunities identified
  • How to define the strategic bets which represent the foundation of the project
  • How to generate experiments that will guide the actions of the team and will allow easier reviews and feedback sessions.

What you will learn

  • How to organise ideas for a new product by aligning team and stakeholders on what to create and where to start
  • How to have a Product Discovery able to maximise shared knowledge in the shortest possible time
  • How to balance the need for a defined plan with the knowledge that will emerge during the execution of the project
  • How to use models and structures as a mean to integrate feedback and support continuous improvement
  • How to create a clear Product Strategy which has value at its centre.

Takeaways – Why should you buy a ticket?

It is extremely demotivating to work on a product nobody really needs. Not only this is a waste of time and energy… it also makes the application of good software development practices and the use of advanced technologies useless.

It’s time to learn how to generate an effective Product Strategy through a good moment/session of Discovery.

Get your hands dirty

This workshop is designed to enable participants to use and practice the learnings in their working environment from day 1.
We’ll be working on a real-case study by “getting our hands dirty”. We’ll be using the instruments and concepts which underlay a real Product Strategy examining all the process: from discovery to convergence.

Warning: This workshop is not suitable for those who wanna sit down and listen! :-)


Tools & Laptop: Do I need my laptop?
No need to bring your laptop.

Entry requirements: Is there anything I need to do before the workshop?
No, no need to do anything before the workshop.

Teaching language: What language will this workshop be in?
This course will be taught in Italian.

About the workshop

Language: Italian.
Time: from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm each day.
Laptop: Check out the FAQ section.
Dress code: Informal.
Included in the price: Two coffee breaks and lunch with the trainer and the other attendees are also included in this ticket… because networking matters :-)

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Matteo Cavucci

Matteo is a deep systems thinker, with over a decade of experience in design and agile development processes.



On Avanscoperta’s YouTube channel you can watch the video Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Product Strategy, a talk recorded during the meetup of the serie “An Evening with” (MikaMai/LinkMe, Milan, 12th September 2019).


Check out Matteo’s post Get the most out of Product Discovery Strategy with EventStorming and Lean Value Tree on our blog.

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