Jacopo Nardiello

Short biography:

Jacopo is an Entrepreneurial DevOps Engineer in love with infrastructures automation, orchestration and distributed systems. He focuses all his efforts on the architecture and engineering of distributed systems based on containers and Kubernetes.

Jacopo is also the founder of Sighup s.r.l., a Milan-based startup working hard on disrupting infrastructures. Sighup is heavily committed upstream Kubernetes.
Their goal? Deliver professional support and develop open source tools for scalable architectures and application lifecycle management on cloud-native infrastructures.

An active community member, Jacopo is also CNCF Ambassador (Cloud-Native Computing Foundation), and can be found giving talks and workshops at the events of some Milan-based communities such as Milano DevOps, Kubernetes & Cloud-Native Milano, MilanoJS, P(HP)UG, XPug, XProLo, LSCC, to name but few.

Jacopo’s single most important priority is to deliver.


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