Training from the BACK of the Room

Training from the BACK of the Room

Engage and inspire your learners with brain-based learning

Bologna, 1 – 2 ottobre 2019

In this high energy, practical and memorable course written by Sharon Bowman, you’ll explore current “cognitive neuroscience” that explains how the human brain really learns.

Toss out outdated assumptions, pull in six specific learning principles based on current brain science, and learn how to apply them to your training programs.

Leave with dozens of new ideas, activities, and resources to enhance what you already know about brain-based learning and training.


Day 1

  • Connection activities (to other learners, to content and to learning outcomes)
  • Setting up for success
  • Trainers toolkit – added to throughout the day
  • The Six Trumps – six learning principles based on brain science
  • Myths and facts about how humans learn
  • Using concept centres as an instruction method
  • Application of the “trainer’s toolkit” and brain science principles
  • Conclusion activities (summarising and reflecting on the learning, action plans)

Day 2

  • Cognitive Dissonance, Reticular Activating System and the Triune Brain
  • Introduction to Accelerated Learning and the 4Cs – design and delivery model
  • General design and delivery reminders
  • Creating a 4Cs map – first draft
  • Practical task – design your own training session (application of the 4Cs map and toolbox strategies to specific training topics)
  • Conclusion activities (reflecting on the learning, action plans, celebration).

What you will learn

Join Teri Frith and learn about six learning principles based on current brain research, and how to apply these in your training.
You will also explore the 4Cs Map – a powerful 4-step instructional design and delivery model – and use it to create your own training plan specific to a topic you teach.

You will collect a multitude of new ideas, activities, and resources throughout the course, which can be put into practice the very next day.

During the class, you will practise six powerful learning principles based on the best of brain science, then you apply these principles every time you train, teach, or coach others.
You will collect dozens of interactive instructional strategies you can use with any topic and any group of learners.

You also receive a 55-page resource workbook that is only available with this program, as well as copies of Sharon Bowman’s best-selling books: “Training from the BACK of the Room!” and “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick.”

Target Audience

The “Training from the BACK of the room” workshop is suitable for teachers, facilitators and coaches, as well as scrum masters and project managers. People with some experience of delivering training will get the most out of this course.


Prior to joining the workshop, you will be asked to complete three short pre-course tasks:

  • 3 weeks before – questionnaire to complete about your experience and intended learning outcomes from the course
  • 2 weeks before – suggested reading to introduce some of the brain science principles
  • 1 week before – joining the TBR slack community.

The course builds on your existing knowledge of how humans learn, so the pre-course reading is highly recommended and will be referred to in one of the learning activities.


Confirmation: Is the workshop guaranteed to run?
Yes, we reached the minimum number of participants needed to activate the workshop. :-) See you in Bologna?

Tools & Laptop: Do I need my laptop?
Laptops are not required – you will be provided with a participant workbook and flip chart paper during the course.

Entry requirements: Is there anything I need to do before the workshop?
Yes – see above. You will be sent three pre-course tasks to complete in the three weeks leading up to the workshop.

Materials: Will there be any materials to take away?
Yes – you will receive a participant workbook and copies of Sharon Bowman’s best-selling books: “Training from the BACK of the Room!” and “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick”… so remember to leave some room in your suitcase!

Teaching language: What language will this workshop be in?

Timings: What time does the workshop start at?
The workshop will start at 9.30am each day, and it will finish at 5.30pm each day.

How many people will attend the workshop?
There will be a maximum of 24 attendees.

Venue: What’s the training venue, and how do to get there?
Camplus Bononia (Via Sante Vincenzi, 49/51, Bologna).
Find out how to get to the Camplus Bononia at the Camplus Bononia Info Page.

Extra: What’s included in the ticket price? Is there a dress code?
Two coffee breaks and lunch with the trainer and the other attendees are also included in this ticket… because networking matters :-)
The dress code is informal.

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It’s a mandatory workshop for whoever is involved in training.Hoang Huynh

Interesting course full of ideas and tools that can change the way you teach.Emanuele DelBono

Training from the BACK of the room provides awesome tools to enable a shift in teaching style: from ‘against the brain’ to ‘brain friendly’.Alberto Brandolini – CEO and Founder of Avanscoperta

Teri Frith

Teri Frith knows classrooms. Her career has taken her from teaching in mainstream secondary schools to the world of software development, where she works alongside technical specialists at all stages of their careers to grow and develop their technological and leadership skills. She trains, facilitates, and coaches at all levels, and thrives on bringing out the best in people.

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NEW Read our interview with Teri: How the brain learns and how to make your training activities more brain-friendly

In January 2018, Teri was chosen by Avanscoperta to facilitate our first-ever company Retreat. Read the full story of Avanscoperta Retreat #1 on our blog.

Chi siamo, in breve :)

Avanscoperta è un ecosistema in espansione fatto di professionisti con una grande passione per l’apprendimento: ci piace imparare cose nuove e scambiare esperienze e idee, esplorando territori finora inesplorati in ambito software, nella sua accezione più ampia possibile.

Selezioniamo con attenzione gli argomenti più rilevanti e i migliori docenti da tutto il mondo, e diamo particolare importanza alle tecniche di insegnamento, preferendo approcci pratici e coinvolgenti.
Unisciti a noi! 🙂

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