Event-Oriented Domain-Driven Design

Deliver Core Business Value with Events and Event-Driven Architecture

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This intensive, two-day, hands-on workshop teaches you DDD within an explicitly event-oriented microservices business domain.
You will learn both strategic and tactical design.

You are strongly encouraged to engage in workshop exercises and write source code that includes implementing multiple interacting Microservices that are event-driven and that use DDD strategic and tactical design.

About the workshop

This hands-on, code-prolific, DDD workshop teaches you the essentials of how to implement using the Domain-Driven Design approach.

You will first receive an overview of DDD’s strategic and tactical design, including ways to develop a Ubiquitous Language within a Bounded Context, using both EventStorming and Specification by Example.

Following this, you will be working in groups and each group will use these tools to reach a shared understanding of a Core Domain and Subdomains.
Each team presents their “big picture” and “design level” direction and receive helpful feedback before the implementation begins.
This step leads to a succession of strategic and tactical design learning and implementation steps with either Java or C#. Implementations may use Event Sourcing and traditional domain model persistence.

  • Learn essential DDD, with strategic and tactical design, including developing a Ubiquitous Language in a Bounded Context

    • Bounded Contexts, Core Domain, Subdomains, and Context Mapping
    • Domain Events and Aggregates
    • Project acceleration and management tools
  • Learn the basics of EventStorming using “big picture” and “design level” modeling
  • Apply your storming results to actual implementations using Aggregates and Domain Events
  • Use Domain Events to integrate with multiple Bounded Contexts
  • Explore the tradeoffs of using traditional domain model persistence and Event Sourcing.
What will you learn in this workshop

Domains, Subdomains, and Bounded Contexts
Grasp the core concepts of DDD strategic modeling, and put them to use. Learn to vigorously gather core concepts and separate irrelevant ones. Learn why strategic design is so essential. Develop the ability to determine when your domain models are composed correctly and when they required more rigorous design.

Context Mapping
Learn how to integrate with other subsystems using DDD and straightforward design techniques. Context Maps are not just drawings. Use them for cross-team communications, project thinking, learning, planning, and as an integration tool.

Architectures that Support DDD
See how the Microservices Architecture, Ports and Adapters Architecture, along with an Event-Driven Architecture, can be used to support your DDD projects. Coupled with DDD, these architecture styles and patterns will support your microservices efforts.

Domain Events and EventStorming
Learn to use Domain Events and EventStorming for both “big picture” systems designs and “detail level” tactical designs. Exercises will lead to using and Event-Driven Architecture in Day-2 implementations.

Demystify effective aggregate designs with the use of a set of simple rules. Learn how to design object clusters for correct transactional consistency, performance, and high scalability.

Acceleration and Management Tools
Every project stakeholder knows the urgency of staying on task and on time. What techniques and tools can be used to accelerate your DDD effort, provide project estimates, time box domain modeling efforts, collaborate with domain experts, and how much time will that require? The answers are given and reinforced through practical guidelines.

Entry requirements

This is a hands-on workshop.
You will implement using Java or C# for the majority of the 2-day workshop.
You are required to supply your own computer, programming environment with build and test facilities that you use regularly, and your thinking cap.

Target audience

This is not a workshop for juniors, and at least 5-10 years of programming experience is recommended.
This workshop is specially designed for mid-level and senior software developers and architects who are interested in applying event-driven and microservices architectures using DDD.


Should I take my laptop with me?
Yes, you are required to supply your own computer, programming environment with build and test facilities that you use regularly, and your thinking cap.

In which language will the workshop be?
This workshop will be held in English.


#VIDEO Watch Vaughn Vernon and Alberto Brandolini talk about all the things Domain-Driven Design on Avanscoperta’s YouTube channel.


Two coffee breaks and lunch with the trainer and the other attendees are also included in this ticket… because networking matters. :)

Questions? Drop us a line: [email protected]

Lingua: ITA
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Vaughn Vernon

Vaughn Vernon è uno sviluppatore e architetto software che vanta più di trent'anni di esperienza in diversi settori e domini business. Vaughn è riconosciuto in quanto esperto nel Domain-Driven Design e caposcuola della semplificazione software.

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