Continuous Innovation & Change with PopcornFlow

An “epic” workshop for innovators, change instigators and achievers

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If you want to know how to start a transformation more efficiently – try this.
Alexey Pikulev – Agile Coach at Luxoft

PopcornFlow brings a philosophy, principles, actionable techniques and tools to introduce rapid change in your organization and innovate like some of the best and most aggressive Lean startups around.

The goal of this workshop is to help you develop the skills to introduce change and innovate inside and outside your workplace through ultra-rapid experimentation.

What will you learn in this workshop?

After this workshop, you will:

  • Use PopcornFlow as your core system to introduce, sustain and accelerate change to annihilate organizational inertia
  • Use solid metrics to indicate increased agility and progress within your team(s)
  • Be able to facilitate very effective retrospectives for both co-located and distributed teams
  • Use PopcornFlow as a visual communication/mentoring platform to reach wider consensus and take better decisions with peers, managers and/or reports
  • Integrate and/or replace other popular (but often short-lived and less effective) Lean Startup tools with PopcornFlow’s experiment board to sustain continuous product innovation and get traction.
  • Be happyreally happy.

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Who is this for

The course is designed for:

  • Innovators (either inside or outside organizations),
  • Change Instigators (e.g. change agents, PMs/scrum masters/team leads, managers, whole teams)
  • Achievers (you :-) )

This is a practicalaction-learning workshop focused on real problems. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring issues from their business and situations.


The workshop includes individual and group activities to actively involve participants in learning/refining the PopcornFlow methodology and allow them to practice in a safe and fun environment.
Learners will engage in learning/refining the PopcornFlow methodology through highly participative activities.

It follows the 4C instructional design model, which is based on sequences of:

Activities that connect learners to what they know already about the topic, to each other, and to what they want and need to learn.

Concrete Practice
Leaners actively review content and practice skills.

Lectures or “direct instruction” training segments.

Learner-­led summaries, evaluations, and celebration activities.


Slides, handouts and flip charts are used throughout the workshop to share stories, rapidly build the foundation and kickstart practical group activities.

In addition, each participant will receive and use:

  • full-color workbook with many exercises and individual activities.
  • The latest version of the not-yet-released-to-the-public PopcornFlow Action Deck.

PopcornFlow Action Deck Claudio Perrone

The PopcornFlow Action Deck consists of a mini-set of brainstorming cards to help you setup and launch experiments very rapidly.
It’s a very effective tool, particularly to launch 1-on-1 problem-solving conversations anywhere (including Irish pubs with a good pint at your side ;-)).

The deck is currently only available as part of this workshop.


In which language will be held the workshop?

The workshop will be held in Italian.

Which kind of workshop should I expect?

The program is highly interactive and learner-centered. Participants will move, speak, draw, listen, write and, of course, experiment!

Language: ENG
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Claudio Perrone

Claudio Perrone (aka Agile Sensei) is an internationally-recognized Lean & Agile management consultantentrepreneur and startup strategist.

Claudio has been playing key roles in Lean & Agile transformations for global organizations as well as for some of the fastest-growing technology startups in the world.

Today, he integrates Lean & Agile product development, Lean Change and Lean Startup to help teams and individuals converge to success.

Claudio is an award-winning keynote speaker, frequently invited at major international conferences across the globe. His Lean thinking tools are used by hundreds of companies worldwide, including ToyotaSpotifyHoneywellNissan North AmericaMcKinseySkypeBearingPointSiemens, and many others.

He is a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society, inventor of the PopcornFlow thinking model of continuous change experimentation, and the creative force behind A3 Thinker, a formidable set of brainstorming cards and mobile solutions based on Toyota’s Lean management approach.


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Watch the video: PopcornFlow Workshop - Claudio Perrone.

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