Uberto Barbini

Short biography:

Uberto is a polyglot programmer and independent consultant, with more than 20 years experience designing and building successful software products, currently working with financial institutions in London.

He is a very passionate and opinionated programmer, he enjoys public speaking and blogging.

Uberto’s main interests are Jvm languages, Functional Programming and distributed computing.

He firmly believes in Agile Manifesto values and principles and he is practising TDD since 2000.

He spoke at many conferences around Europe in 2018 including KotlinConf in Amsterdam. He is currently writing a book about Kotlin.


On Avanscoperta’s YouTube channel you can watch the video Microservices: A developer’s point of view, a talk recorded during the meetup of the serie “An Evening with” (MikaMai, Milan, 15th April 2019).


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