Marcello Duarte

Breve biografia:

Marcello is a Sociologist turned techie, he also holds a Licentiate degree on Computing for Management. Because of his rich/mixed background (did I mention he was a Hindu monk for 6 years?) he is usually the person between the IT people and the business people.

He has been awarded “Best UK Agile Coach/Mentor (Technical)” at the UK Agile Awards, in 2014. He’s been involved in the Agile community for over 10 years now. Marcello participated in the first ever Scrum certification to take place in Portugal. He’s conducted agile transformations and trained over 500 individuals in many organisations in Europe on a range of topics like Software Design and Modelling, Test Driven Development, Agile Coaching for Coaches, Refactoring, Training the trainer, etc.

Marcello is currently Lean/Agile Coach at OVO Energy. Before joining OVO Energy. he used to be Head of Training at Inviqa, a software shop with over 200 people with 14 offices all over Europe. In his past position, Marcello used to lead the company learning practices, agile transformation, adoption and absorption of new technologies and practices and the external training offer.

Marcello often contributes to Open Source projects. He’s co-created PhpSpec, a popular BDD-flavoured testing and design tool for PHP developers. He is also the author of Phunkie — a functional library containing most common functional structures and patterns found in Haskell (for free), based on the abstract algebra theory of categories.


Watch the video of Marcello Duarte’s meetup talk from our serie “An Evening with”: Enabling Cohesion in Software Development Teams.


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