NoEstimates Workshop with Vasco Duarte

How to improve software development predictability and profitability by focusing on what matters

NoEstimates Workshop with Vasco Duarte: Verona (IT) // 11th May 2017 Tickets

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Stop wasting time and money.

#NoEstimates is an approach to software development that arose from the observation that large amounts of time were spent over the years in estimating and improving those estimates, but we see no value from that investment. Indeed, according to scholars Conte, Dunmore and Shens a good estimate is one that is within 25% of the actual cost, 75% of the time.
This is the same as saying: give us your money, we promise not lose more than 25% of it (with a 25% probability that we will lose a lot more).
We don’t find that acceptable or productive for our industry.

There must be better ways to manage software and product development.

What will you learn in this course?

In this workshop we will review and analyze why we do estimates and how we can improve software and product development while reducing the time and money invested in estimating.

  • Decision making frameworks for projects that do not require estimates
  • Investment models for software projects that do not require estimates
  • Project management (risk management, scope management, progress reporting, etc.) approaches that do not require estimates
  • The tools and arguments you need to prove the value of #NoEstimates to your boss
  • How to get started applying #NoEstimates right away
  • Where is #NoEstimates going and what are the likely changes to software development that will come next.
Any questions?

Do you have other questions you would like to see tackled about #NoEstimates?

Send us your questions ahead of the workshop and we will tackle as many of those questions as we can before and during the workshop.
*Paper referred to by Steve McConnell in his book: Software Estimation, Demystifying the Black Art.


Will there be a real-time translation? No, however Alberto Brandolini will be there to facilitate discussion whenever needed, to help with translation, and to take visual notes.


The workshop is subject to the confirmation of a minimum number of registered and fully paid attendees/participants.

Language: ENG
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Vasco Duarte

I want to transform product development organizations into product business organizations. I do that by focusing the work of the product development teams on the end-to-end life-cycle of their products.

From Concept to Cash and Back!

Currently a Managing Partner at Oikosofy.

Product Manager, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Director, Agile Coach are only some of the roles that I've taken in software development organizations. Having worked in the software industry since 1997, and Agile practitioner since 2004.

I've worked in small, medium and large software organizations as an Agile Coach or leader in agile adoption at those organizations.

I was one of the leaders and catalysts of Agile methods and Agile culture adoption at Avira, Nokia and F-Secure.

Lean Startup, Agile, Scrum, Business, Management. Speaker and author at NoEstimatesBook.com.


Very useful and totally worth it! #NoEstimates makes you look differently at agile estimating and planning approaches. Even if you are not going to give estimates up, you will surely rethink their value and alternatives.


I would recommend this workshop to anyone willing to get out of the big bubble lie “sharp estimation is the key factor for success”.

Jacopo Romei

My two biggest takeaway from #NoEstimates workshop were:
1- the idea of delivery every 24 hours, continuously and until your customer get bored with it!
2- the examples to understand the System Stability behaviour with heuristic rules to predict system (or team) performance.

Marco Stracquadanio
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