Decision Making 3.0 Workshop

Removing Barriers to Growth in Complexity

Bring your curiosity and sense of adventure and walk away with insights, tools, and frameworks for greater accuracy.

Ninety percent of startups fail. Chances are well established: companies won’t make it past their eighteenth birthday. Markets and evolution pressures are stressing decision-making processes in the enterprise. Agile and lean change implementation demands different approaches to efficient decision making to engage participation while increasing accuracy within a reasonable time.

Making more accurate decisions in complexity demands higher self and organizational awareness to avoid stagnation and move toward sustainable results.

Simple principles combined with skills that can be learnt and practiced, offer a framework to closing the gap between the top and bottom of organisations.

What will you learn in this course?

In this workshop you’ll learn and practice:

  1. Using focus to stimulate creativity and balance short with long term
  2. Widening options to increase accuracy
  3. How to choose the right decision-making tool for each situation
  4. The difference between beliefs and values-driven decision-making
  5. Using one guiding principle to anchor decisions from top to bottom
  6. A framework to guide participation in the decision-making process.
Expect to get your hands dirty

Bring 3-5 of your toughest decisions to the workshop and, with other participants, you’ll set the program for the day.

Gain insight into how to adapt your decision making to better fit today’s context and pressures.

Learn brain science techniques to close communications gaps on goals. Leave with what you need to strengthen your decision-making muscles now.

Experience an interactive upgrade to your decision making so it fits complexity and is focused on growth. From Insight to Action.

Jump out of the ruts of past decisions to design the future!

Please note that…

The workshop will take place only if the minimum number of participants (10) is reached. Feel free to contact us for more questions about the workshop: info@avanscoperta.it