Advanced Software Architecture Workshop

Advanced Software Architecture Workshop

Design software systems for complex business environments with Residuality Theory

Once you’ve learned how to code and have several years of experience, what is the next step? Modern software engineering has long rejected the big, up-front, framework-heavy approaches of traditional enterprise architecture. This leads to the question of how we bring about quality in the solutions that we build.

Introducing Residuality Theory – a revolutionary new theory of software design that aims to make it easier to design software systems for complex business environments.
Residuality Theory models software systems as interconnected residues – an alternative to component and process modelling that uses applied complexity science to make managing uncertainty a fundamental part of the design process.

Join this three-day in-person workshop with Barry O’Reilly and learn how Residuality Theory will help you think differently when building robust, antifragile software that is fit for uncertain times.

Target Audience

This workshop is suitable for senior developers who want a head start in the world of architecture, for teams embarking on large, risk-filled projects, and seasoned architects seeking new techniques.


Day 1

  • Philosophy of Architecture
  • Concrete Complexity for Software Engineering
  • Representation in Architecture
  • Residuality Theory
  • Networks.

Day 2

  • Modelling stress: socio-economic architecture
  • Defining residues
  • Surviving unknown unknowns
  • Producing a real-world architecture.

Day 3

  • Contagion analysis and component decisions
  • Adjacency matrix techniques
  • Incidence matrix techniques
  • Testing the architecture.

Learning Objectives

The workshop introduces ideas on the philosophy of architecture, forcing participants to think outside of the technology and relate decision-making to markets, culture, economic and societal concerns.
It teaches practical techniques in stressor analysis and the use of matrices to make component decisions and gives participants the chance to work with these techniques in labs and groups.
The workshop also successfully unites teams around a common definition of architecture.

After completing the course, participants will be better able to design and test architectures, work in environments where requirements are complex and uncertain, and effectively work with non-functional requirements.

Expect to get your hands dirty

The workshop involves learning the theory and then putting it to practical use in intensive labs where students will use the ideas in group work to design solutions and verify that the system is increasing in quality.

A laptop with Excel/Google Sheets will be required in order to join the workshop.

Why should I buy a ticket

Join Barry and learn advanced, cutting-edge techniques based on ongoing research that is designed to identify and decrease risk, improve confidence in decision making and protect your architecture when the domain is characterized by uncertainty.


Do I need to know something beforehand in order to participate in this workshop?

You’ll get the most out of this workshop if you already have a good understanding of software design. Also be mindful that this workshop is designed for developers with an advanced background (please see the section “Target Audience” above for further info).

Do I need my laptop to attend this workshop?

You’ll need a laptop with Excel/Google Sheets.


This workshop will be confirmed upon reaching the minimum number of participants. We’ll send an official confirmation to all registered attendees 28 days prior to the workshop dates.

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About the workshop

Language: The workshop will be held in English.
Time: from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.
Venue: Meeet | Mitte, Chausseestrasse, 86, 10115, Berlin, Germany.
Laptop: required – check the FAQ section.
Dress code: Informal.
Included in the price: coffee breaks and lunch with the trainer and the other attendees are also included in this ticket… because networking matters.

How to get to Berlin?

You can get to Berlin by flying into Berlin Brandenburg.

Check out the Meeet | Mitte Berlin Venue Info Page and get it sorted! With plenty of handy information on accommodation, travel options, where to find the training venue, and much more!

Questions? Drop us a line: [email protected]

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I loved the time spent with such remarkable colleagues and Barry O’Reilly as a mentor during the Advanced Software Architecture Workshop – Design software systems for complex business environments with Residuality Theory, organized by Avanscoperta.
The certificate of attendance is a little thing compared to other amount and quality of notions Barry can transmit, and I’m glad to Avanscoperta for bringing him to Italy. This has been really going “in Avanscoperta”!Federico Caprari

This has been a fun and challenging experience. It was challenging because it is awesome to see some scientific rigour applied to our industry, where we still tend to make decisions based on intuition.

This has nicely messed up my mind in very fun ways and leaves me hungry to discover more.

I look forward to letting these thoughts mess with the quick assumptions we’re used to making and to continuing to change my perspectives.

It was also great to do this workshop with a very nice crown. I deeply enjoyed the debates and chats, which added to the already high value of the experience.Sebastián Ramírez Magrì

I would recommend this workshop to those who already have a fair amount of experience with the design of distributed systems of a certain complexity and are looking for tools for concrete evaluation of architectures, and new visions of design. It is a workshop that should be approached with a very open mind.Alberto Acerbis

Barry O' Reilly

Barry O' Reilly is an Architect and researcher who has held Chief Architect positions at Microsoft, among others. He has also been a startup CTO, the Worldwide Lead for the Solutions Architecture Community at Microsoft, and founder of the Swedish Azure User Group.


Residuality Theory for Antifragile Software Architecture: Our interview with Barry O’ Reilly.


Small Talk: An informal chat with Barry O’ Reilly (YouTubeSpotify).

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