Marco Dussin

Short biography:

Marco is a strategic consultant, agile trainer, and learning designer. In 2022 he achieved the Trainer Certification in Training from the BACK of the Room!.

It helps people and their organizations create more valuable products, services and experiences quickly and efficiently by intertwining Lean, Agile and Design Thinking.

One of Marco’s passions is training by exploring and designing learning experiences based on the way our brains actually learn.

He likes to play, seriously: he believes that our hands are the natural extension of our brain and playing allows us to maximize the quality and quantity of learning, entering into relationships with others. We have been like this for thousands of years.

Marco is a great enthusiast of approaches based on experimentation, a true natural antidote against uncertainty. That same uncertainty that requires a significant change in the way management thinks.

In 2020 Marco founded with Ivano Masiero www.kitto.be, “a box full of things inside to do things outside”, to introduce a new approach to multisensory training and the creation of real learning experiences.

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