Leading Agile Organizations

What is Leadership? And what is it in Agile? What does it mean leading an agile organisation? What does it mean being an agile leader? How to ensure the management of a company optimally supports the agile teams?

This training will provide you with the answers! Leading Agile Organisations is a three days in-depth course that explores the most up-to-date leadership concepts applied in agile companies, contrasting the traditional role of the management with the needs of a high performance organisation.

The training is a mix of frontal lesson, reflections and practical activities directed to integrate the learned content in the daily operations of the participants. It is especially suited for ScrumMasters and organisational leaders who have implemented or are implementing agile solutions in their company and want to own better tools for their daily work.

Course Outline

  • System thinking
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Managing in complex systems
  • Experiments in complex systems
  • Usage of system thinking tools to plan experiments
  • Leadership models for agility: some visionary ideas
  • The role of the management in agility: mentor, coach, visionary, …: what is the right leadership mix for you?
  • Basic coaching techniques
  • Basic team dynamic
  • Role dysfunctions
  • Motivating employees
  • Congruent leadership
  • Leading and supporting change

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